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On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Challenge PACA Le Val (2018-03-11)
Nearly impossible to run a clean race in this type of terrain and map, so a few 1-2 minutes is not too bad! An open minded attitud...
POM E4 M55 - Off the map :-o (2018-02-13)
what a bad start - headless running off the map. Loosing 'only' 4 min - could have been a lot worse. Shaky after this event and l...
POM - E3 - MD - M55  (2018-02-12)
all but 14: good! 14: 3.5 min :-( 2drerun...
Portugal O Meeting E2 M55 (2018-02-11)
Vasárnap 11 Február 2018
S. Bartolomeu do Outeiro, P
a couple of 30 sec mistakes, I'm quite happy with my o-pace 6'40 min/km - but to win another gear is needed : 5'20 m/km
IAT City Race Nice (2018-02-04)
Vasárnap 4 Február 2018
Le vieux Nice + colline
Chall. Paca Salon de Provence (2018-01-21)
No legs, but no big mistakes. Possibly faster (but boring) to tahe the long gravel road detour north from 9 to 10, I got stuck in ...
Night orienteering  (2018-01-13)
Szombat 13 Január 2018
Valmasque, VSAO
green night
poor planning after 106: 103 is faster on the return : 1min 102 passed twice: 3 min then 123: really stuck in the blackberries :-...