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Welcome to Jens Doma

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Challenge PACA Nuit (2021-11-20)
Sabato 20 Novembre 2021
La Bastidonne, Luberon, F
Dense forest with very limited visibility, add 'minimalistic' reflective tapes == Not so easy to find the controls. Fun and challe...
Chall Paca - La Moulliere (2021-09-26)
Opening the course, in this wild and technical terrain. Shaky start: the first control - much to high and very poor runability. Pl...
Chall 06 Greoliere-les-neiges - run aground (2021-06-27)
Domenica 27 Giungo 2021
La Brasque, VSAO Valbonne Sophia Antipolis, France
It's not exaclty the first time I run in this wil fantastic but difficult to master terrain. Too much self-confidence + did not re...
Provence Championship LD M60  ( PROVOM 2022 Terrain ?) (2021-06-13)
Someone left the baking oven door open... Way too hot for a race and certainly a very bad idea to run without the CamelBack. The ...
3 jours du Haut Jura Day 3 M50 (2021-05-24)
Tired legs, not a very good run but a nice area. 1 very slow, hesitatation 2-3-4: too far from the red line and like that it goe...
3 jours du Haut Jura Day 2 M60 (2021-05-23)
2-3: faster go north through to the depressions and then turn east in the white to the trail. The advantage with trail south is 4...
3 Jours du Haur Jura 2021 - Ultimate - Day 1 (run with a smile) (2021-05-22)
SO NICE to be back in the real forests. YESS!
Challange PACA - Vive La reprise !! (2021-05-16)
Domenica 16 Maggio 2021
Grambois Beaumont de Pertuis, Luberon O, France
First orienteering race since March 2020, a pure pleasure ! Typical Mediterranean forests 'Garigue', not an easy task to map but t...