Ski-O relay (24/02/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Herbouilly
Country: FR
Discipline: adventure..
Distance: 7.76 km
Time: 68:48
30-40 cm snowfall (totally150 cm) the night before the race made it pretty difficult, the organizers decided to reduce the course length (control 12 & 13 was removed in my case). However the good tracks (solid green) were groomed in most cases but not always, the dashed and dotted were not at all prepared. I reckon short classic skis would have been a better choice than skate skis. The dashed and dotted ones were only ski-able downhill. To get a good time in this race one would have to run all dashed/dotted tracks. I never removed the skis so I had a pretty slow time.
1-2: the plan was to cross the open area south of 6th on the dashed track, but when I saw it I decided to go around. x minutes
3: went to wrong control 50 m SE : deep snow hiking a 2minutes mistake
5-6: drama: was looking for the best tracks and going west uphill does look like the best option, However the track uphill west of 5 was not prepared, it took me 6 minutes to climb the hill in deep snow, hmm
7: should have attacked the control from east to get a downhill 2 minutes
8: looks like it is not where it should be..
14: straddled a tree, off-piste alpine powder skiing in forest, like this..
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Ski-O relay  (24/02/2013) Ski-O relay  (24/02/2013)