Chall Paca Sprint 2/2 (10/03/2013)
Category: Competition
Distance: 3.92 km
Time: 35:04
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 176
Started first (start order based on result from first race) which was a disadvantage. Hidden controls, really bushy forest and a so-so map. A really, really poor race.
I need to work on the mental part: I usually perform well on a good map & terrain, but when it gets (unexpectedly) bad like this one I tend to fail miserably. Must break that spiral of negative thoughts.
S-1: planned to jump over the fence but there was a unmarked (oops) cliff below it, 20 sec
3: must have passed a few meters from it first time, found a reasonable big tree but no flag. Thorns and bush. New attack from the path: passed a few meters east of the flag, again didn't see it. Entering Sour Mode. Found the control after 5 min searching.
4: wrong place (but I already knew it was wrong - searching for 3)
5: 30 sec
11: 2 min (only possible to find the flag if you came the same way as the control setter)
12: 3 min - took the wrong trail down the hill , but it was impossible to get through so I had climb up again.
It was announced to be a sprint course - fastest time was 25 min - more than 10 min too long...
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Chall Paca Sprint 2/2 (10/03/2013) Chall Paca Sprint 2/2 (10/03/2013)