No paths (20/03/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: La Baume Obscure
Organiser: UNSS
Country: FR
Distance: 6.28 km
Time: 51:52
Average HR: 133
Maximum HR: 149
158-146-145: OK
142: 45 sec vegetation not 100% correct but I had a bad direction from the attack-point
148-156-142-143-154-151-155-141: OK
154 ( 2nd visit) : from the first visit I knew it wasn't a super easy control.. not 100 % concentrated and stopped 20 m too early without knowing where I was really , thought I passed it. Planless searching for 3-4 minutes, stonewalls everywhere, then found the big "double-ruin". a 5 min mistake. Luckily it was training, to bear in mind next competition.
OK until 147 again, loosing focus and thinking of other things: 1.5 min
All in all a nice training on a terrain and surprisingly good (considering it is nearly 10 year old )
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No paths (20/03/2013) No paths (20/03/2013)