Provence Champs Middle (24/03/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: La ravin de loup / Cabières d'Aigues
Organiser: Pertuis
Country: FR
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 3.34 km
Time: 36:36
Provence terrain as its best, technical and beautiful nature, great map. Only the weather could have been better: 8 degrees and pooring rain ...
1-2-3: ok
4th: as it happens too often nowadys: no plan but red line, 3-4 wasn't a very good option. The steep climb was muddy and slippery and extremly difficult, then drifted too far north. 2 minutes
9th: 50 m before I saw antoher control flag deep down in a ravine, couldn't resist the temptetaion : 1 minute
13th: very foggy glasses, running like a blind dog and finally had give up and stop for a major cleaning: 2 mintues
Not a fantastic performance, if it wasn't for that last 2 minute stop it would have been have been ok(ish)
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Provence Champs Middle (24/03/2013) Provence Champs Middle (24/03/2013)