LD à Vulcania (20/04/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Cheire de Côme / Auvergne
Country: FR
Discipline: Long distance
Distance: 8.63 km
Time: 82:02
Article with some photos
intermediate times
Interesting and very technical terrain but the map was a disappointment, not as good as expected.
Control 1-5 good but a little bit shaky, not so easy to read 1/10000 map with loads of details in dense forest and gloomy day.
6: careless running and no map contact out from 5, thought I was following the southern stonewall after the trail but in fact I was further north. Took me 3 min to sort out.
11: looks like a really stupid error, don't know what happened 2 min
14-15: difficult to follow the trail just after 14, was afraid I was following an animal trail instead. Hesitation: 1 min
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LD à Vulcania (20/04/2013) LD à Vulcania (20/04/2013)