MD à Mazayes (21/04/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Mazayes / Auvergne
Country: FR
Discipline: Middle distance
Distance: 3.59 km
Time: 32:54
Article with some photos
intermediate times-

Technically demanding terrain, ranging from difficult (the white part) to very+ difficult (the green part control 8-11). A good race with 'only' 3.5 min mistake, which was enough for a 2nd place on the B-course.
1. couldn't find the the green area just before the control, confused 30 sec
2. went south of the stony area but didn't compensate. The green dots behind the control are spruce groves and would have been great targets : 1 min
3-8: good
9: this is the tricky area, 8 was quite difficult but I was lucky and stumbled on it. Then 9 didn't look too bad, so I thought the difficulty was a bit exaggerated. Compass towards the stonewall and just run wasn't a good idea : the problem is the stonewall as well the ground is covered by a thick green layer of moss., the visibility is 5-10 m. Again some luck and only lost 1 min.
9 & 10 lessoned learned...
13: going south of stony area but didn't compensate (2nd time today) : 50 sec
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MD à Mazayes (21/04/2013) MD à Mazayes (21/04/2013)