Chall Paca #5 (02/06/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tourtour
Organiser: TSN
Country: FR
Distance: 7.69 km
Time: 61:33
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 173
A good orienteer should be able to deal with an "indicative" trail map as this one, but I still have some work todo. Very difficult to run a clean race on such a map, but 2-3 min should be doable - I had 11m 30 s errors (and won the C-course :-o
1-3: ok, stumbled on them all
4: the attack point was the clearing 100m west of the control, but never saw it, *very* bad news. Planless searching for 2m 30s :-(
5: good
6: didn't know where I passed the trail and the couldn't find the open field. When I finally saw it, I came in on a bad angle. Maybe something is wrong with the shape of the field or was I just careless? 4 min!
7: I have the feleing the flag was just outside of the circle, but I din't loose too much
8: another big error, should have followed the trail and attacked from north. The countour is just not good enough to serve as attack point, one has to rust the compass only. 3 min
12-13: lost in the green, very strange mapping the last couple 100m , another 2 min.
Curiosities: contour interval is supposed to be10 m (!) , but in reality is appears to be more like ??5 m
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Chall Paca #5 (02/06/2013) Chall Paca #5 (02/06/2013)