Nationale Sud-Ouest H50 (nc) (09/06/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Gréoliere les neiges
Organiser: VSAO
Country: FR
Discipline: LD
Distance: 7.65 km
Time: 76:25
Started 1h after last runner.
1-2-3-4-5 OK
5-6, nor sure were I was haflways (as usual on long legs) a bit lost and was lucky to find that open area 300m before the control. 2 min
6-7-8 OK
Very bad weather from 8 and onwards, hail and rain, lightning. 2 cm of hail on the ground and very slipery.. And foggy glasses big mistake on 9 then slow jogging the rest of the course.
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Nationale Sud-Ouest H50 (nc) (09/06/2013) Nationale Sud-Ouest H50 (nc) (09/06/2013)