French champs H50 Long (24/08/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Côte de Nuits
Organiser: Chenôve
Country: FR
Discipline: LD
Distance: 9.51 km
Time: 76:16
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 176
heavy rain and thunder, the start was delayed one hour.
1 & 2, a great start - 3rd position
3: 30 sec mistake - a tricky control
4-5-6: good, still in a good position
7: foggy glasses in the wet, humid & dense forest, visibility deteriorates rapidly :-(
8: stumbled on the flag but can hardly see the map. Should have stopped and wiped those darn glasses and loose 30 sec but instead decided to follow the red needle (which I could glimpse). After some running I realize something is really wrong and the race was over ...
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French champs H50 Long (24/08/2013) French champs H50 Long (24/08/2013)