O'Plat'O Vercors Night H50 (14/09/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Chaud Clapier / Vercors plateau
Country: FR
Discipline: Night
Distance: 6.15 km
Time: 63:19
late to start after a three-course dinner (with wine..) very lonely run . A great start and a comfortable 3 min lead at control 3. Then the error-of-the-year, went down the wrong ski slope and huge troubles to sort out were I was : 10 min
5: a"follow-up" of previous mistake another 2min
8 min: 1 min
10: brain fart (or was it the hang over) 7 min
A pure disaster race: lessoned learned dinner after race, not the other way around.
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O'Plat'O Vercors Night H50 (14/09/2013) O'Plat'O Vercors Night H50 (14/09/2013)