Chall Paca MTB-O (29/09/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: La Bouverie
Organiser: TSN
Country: FR
Discipline: MTB-O
Distance: 28.2 km
Time: 115:07
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 172
Very muddy after thunderstorm. Poor maintenance of the bike, the rear gear cable went off halfways - finished with the 3 front gears (which wasn't that bad anyway).
Good course setting with route choices, possibly add a long leg.
2: never saw the road junction (!!) 2:20 min
3: never saw the start of the trail (even if I stopped right in front of it) 3 min
4: route choice 1-2 min. It is faster to go by the forbidden area.. I wasn't aware of (this strange) rule: it is ok to ride a road or track thru a forbidden area. Riding outside roads and tracks is forbidden, so what is the point with the forbidden area??
6: bad control approach : better to climb on the road to the right. gear cable crashed.
7: right is probably slightly faster 30 sec.
12: control error: 1 min
13: route choice, left is faster: 1 min
split times
Totally 13 min or so, plus the rear gear. 1h40 should be doable.
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Chall Paca MTB-O (29/09/2013) Chall Paca MTB-O (29/09/2013)