Provence Challenge MTB-O (23/03/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Belcodéne
Organiser: Marseille
Country: FR
Discipline: MTB-O
Distance: 14.35 km
Time: 81:16
Average HR: 155
Maximum HR: 172
Nice terrain, pretty technical to ride the stony ground, good course setting (especially 4-8) and a good map (although maybe I didn't agree to the ridability in general, should perhaps be 1 level slower than indicated). Anyway, no major mistakes, but some (bad?) route choices 6-7 probably faster to stay on the road and attack from the east. (couldn't do the straight on walk route due to bad knee). Then 7-8 I chose to go around to avoid walking uphill, probably not a bad choice anyway.
Not riding at full speed (90% is max without doing big errors)
Avg HR: 86 % of Max
Max HR: 95 % of Max
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Provence Challenge MTB-O (23/03/2014) Provence Challenge MTB-O (23/03/2014)