O-ringen E5 H50k (25/07/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ravlunda
Country: SE
Discipline: LD
Distance: 5.71 km
Time: 41:46
Average HR: 159
Maximum HR: 169
Chase started with two other guys at the same second (after nearly 4 hours running it is remarkable). They ran much faster than I did and left me behind already to the 1st control :-(
Did my own race with a 40 sec mistake at 9th. But I was pretty sure I saw the other two guys 150 m west of the 6th discussing the map... the split times confirms that I passed them there, nice!
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O-ringen E5 H50k (25/07/2014) O-ringen E5 H50k (25/07/2014)