Hässleholms OK - Vedema - Open8 - MD (16/08/2015)
Category: Competition
Country: SE
Distance: 5.17 km
Time: 39:14
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 172
Good visibility, mostly nice open forest physically demanding terrain.

Something's strange about the timing though:
S-1: no major mistakes.. and apparently very slow lost 3 minutes :-o
According to my GPS/quickroute the split time should be 5:02 and not 7:12. It seems the start unit was not synchronized, bad luck.
8-9: sloppy compass south instead of south east, luckily there was a stonewall .. 40 sec
Total time should be 39:10 and not 41:27 (I think..) 8:55min/km
Map from 1974

(Lotta started at the same time, her start-time was 3min later in another SI-unit)
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Hässleholms OK - Vedema - Open8 - MD (16/08/2015) Hässleholms OK - Vedema - Open8 - MD (16/08/2015)