Nationale Sud-Est Longue distance H55 (19/03/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Régusse
Country: F
Distance: 8.22 km
Time: 61:27
Average HR: 156
Maximum HR: 167
2drerun H55/H21short
2drerun Splits H55/H21short
2drerun H21E
Interesting, tricky terrain, great organization, perfect warm spring day, but with a sad ending.
I started first so all alone in the forest, had to punch twice to wake up some units but actually a nice to know i was first. First control, really tricky. I was looking for a pit hole (the definition is a hole) and I see a large low knoll on my right as I come into the control ring. Hmm, that must be one of the knolls just before the control so I continue. Nothing, so I guess I overshot the hole, turn back and sees that low knoll again, I realize it is a kind of a horse shoe shaped knoll with hollow inside. I think I see the guy starting 2 min after me. Accurate compass to 2nd but another 30 sec. From that point, super accurate compass all, and only minor timelosses on 6 & 7 . I do find the leg 13-14 a bit odd on a long distance, apparently it was possible to climb the 2 m high barb wired wall on a couplle of spots, but I did the big detour. Leg 12-13 is a nice trap but boring to run.
Happy with the race as I was pretty sure no-one passed in the forest (I was afraid that some good runners 4 min behind would catch up). Even better, when all runners finihed - still in the lead. Apparently most runners had great difficulties with control 1 and 8 (which was difficult to spot and maybe 30 m to the east).
So for the prize giving... before the ceremony started, everyone was urged to stand up and sing the French anthem. Considering the Brown Party has hijacked the tricolor flag as well as the anthem this prank gave us a really bad aftertaste. It is shameful to mix politics into sports evenamang! I'll wear headscarf und lederhosen next time :(
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Nationale Sud-Est Longue distance H55 (19/03/2017) Nationale Sud-Est Longue distance H55 (19/03/2017)