Challenge 06 (Alpes Maritimes) (01/04/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: La Baume Obscure
Organiser: Mougins
Country: F
Discipline: LD
Distance: 5.98 km
Time: 47:43
Average HR: 157
Maximum HR: 172
Even if the map is quite outdated (13 years..) it is still ok. The mapper probably did not visit every corner of the map, green 2 means either difficult to run or has-not-been-visited,
Time stands still in this virgin forest, map is is of karttapullautin standards. But, hey who cares: virgin forest, no plantations, no marches and certainly not a trace of any forest machines :-)
S-1: hesitation, difficult to get into it: 20s
1-2: took best route choice, the green 2 was very nice to run. Stopped a little bit too early: 10s
3-4: a little bit too far north of the red line: 20s
6-7: biggest mistake, maybe pushing a little bit too hard and started to read the 4-3 leg instead of 6-7: deviation and hesitation cost 1m30s (but it could have been a lot worse..)
8: bad micro route choices, better to run north of red line : 30s
9 & 10 & 11: difficulties to find the control flag, 20s+30s+15s
10-11: halfway, stuck in the green2 should have followed the trail: 30s
Total : 4min, a 100% clean run is in this terrain is very difficult, but doable! 2nd scratch (?)
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Challenge 06 (Alpes Maritimes) (01/04/2017) Challenge 06 (Alpes Maritimes) (01/04/2017)