Championnat de France des Clubs 2010 (09/05/2010)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Bouilland (Côte d'Or)
Organiser: Adoc
Country: FR
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 4
Distance: 7.15 km
Time: 58:20
Ran slowly to avoid problems, but made many mistakes anyway, totally 8min lost, 54min 5.7km

4th: 2m30s stopped to early, took the safe solution and restarted from the path
5th: 1min couldn't find in the bushes... even though I already had the very same at CF LD 2009
7th: 2 min passed 10m from it first time, could see through the thornes...
8th: 1m30 sloppy compass direction
10th: 30s sloppy compass direction
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Championnat de France des Clubs 2010 (09/05/2010)