Watt-O-pia, World first(?) Zwift-O (23/04/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Watopia
Country: Zwiftland
Discipline: Road Cycling Orienteering, Virtual World
Distance: 26.37 km
Time: 47:48
Average HR: 136
Maximum HR: 146
S-1 maybe faster right through Titans Grove even though more hilly, Fuego Flats is superfast, especially if you find a fast group, 40kmph @ 3-3.5W/kg is possible.
2-3 Major f#*#p on the left turn after Titans Descent, the Zwift app disconnected and I couldn't turn left. Only after four U-turns I managed to turn left. A bit like MTB-O, one has to be prepared before a fast DH or it can be costly.
3-4 Probably faster left through the glass tunnels, the climb was steep and slow
Who's in for a challenge race, re-ride on 2D-rerun ?
get the map from DOMA (left click to remove trace, right click to download) Drop a comment here or connect on Zwift

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Watt-O-pia, World first(?) Zwift-O (23/04/2020) Watt-O-pia, World first(?) Zwift-O (23/04/2020)