Chall Paca - La Moulliere (26/09/2021)
Category: Competition
Country: F
Distance: 5.8 km
Time: 57:02
Average HR: 151
Maximum HR: 166
Opening the course, in this wild and technical terrain. Shaky start: the first control - much to high and very poor runability. Plus I missed the control (it looks easy but it's everything but easy ).
Then 1-2 Failed to understand the trails and decided to take the safer but long route....
3-4, 6-7 unpleasent meeting w/ hunters and team of dogs. At least he didn't use his rifle. A good exercise to stay focused. Final loop Dark skies and dusk, difficult to read the map 13 hesitation
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Chall Paca - La Moulliere (26/09/2021) Chall Paca - La Moulliere (26/09/2021)