Provence Challenge (10/04/2022)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Grambois
Organiser: Luberon
Country: F
Discipline: H55 LD
Distance: 5.82 km
Time: 55:57
Average HR: 159
Maximum HR: 171
Start to 1: interesting, what is the best route choice ? Eagerly waiting for the split times. [Edit: apparently red line is much faster than my choice] In any case a good start However maybe too fast because instead of going to c4 I run to c6, at least 1 minute slower but more important into the red to catch up (bad idea). Well not too bad until the end where I lose 2/1 min on 15 & 16 , due to fatigue
Lidar + a great mapper -> Top 5 map in Provence
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Provence Challenge  (10/04/2022) Provence Challenge  (10/04/2022)