CO Tour E5 (22/06/2010)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Darbousson
Organiser: VSAO
Country: FR
Distance: 7.03 km
Time: 53:32
53min 5.2 km (actual: 7km +180m)
really bad performance on 7, 8 and especially 16 (all these I have visited at least once before if not several several times !) but the forest is really dense and just a few meters a away is not enough to spot the control kite.
8: 2min
9: 45 sec
15 : 1m30s (stuck in the bushes, it's dark green, better to go around)
16: 4 minutes
(control 1 and 2 slightly misplaced) 1 minute lost
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CO Tour E5 (22/06/2010)