Chall Paca VTT-O (Part 2 MTB orienteering) (03/04/2011)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Aubignosc
Organiser: Balise04
Country: France
Discipline: VTT-O
Distance: 12.09 km
Time: 82:08
1h 20 min 12 km +400m in "Aubi bike park"
very tired after 2h foot orienteering in the morning , so the goal was to just finish.
Started off quite well, this area has a dense network of really nice single tracks (some x-country some DH)
6th control : 8min went downhill too fast (it was too fun to stop!) and never saw that trail to the left.
8th control 2.5 min, went to the 9th control before 8
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 Chall Paca VTT-O (Part 2 MTB orienteering) (03/04/2011)