Chall Paca Montauroux (no compass) (08/05/2011)
Category: Competition
Organiser: Draco
Country: France
Leg: Circuit B
Distance: 9.59 km
Time: 70:45
Average HR: 167
Maximum HR: 177
Hmmm impossible to fit the GPS track, the map is wrong on several places, 5 controls are more than 50m wrong. Sometimes 3 different code numbers on control, the SI one counts. I'm getting used to it this type of challanges now - I managed to run the B-course without compass and wasn't to far behind. This type of orienteering requires an open mind, head-up!
Control 7, 8, 10 and 19 more than 50 m wrong - look at 19 not far from 100m :-)
Then the 2nd and 17th are at least in the circle.

Circuit B (48) 6.8 km 21 P
1 Pierre ELIAS 67 1307PR ACA AIX EN PROV B 57:56
2 Olivier ESTELA 71 1307PR ACA AIX EN PROV B 1:00:47
3 Marius SIAUD 8311AZ POLES B 1:08:02
4 Jens KASTENSSON 61 0615AZ VSAO B 1:10:34
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Chall Paca Montauroux (no compass) (08/05/2011)