WOC O'Festival E5 H50 (19/08/2011)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Creux de la Cavale
Organiser: WOC
Country: FR
Distance: 5.19 km
Time: 49:17
A very good race until 4th the all went wrong: it started with bad route choice out from 4th control my choice wes extremly slow due to fallen trees, it must be faster to go on the trail south-east) Then bad luck finding the 5th. Apparently I wasn't the only having big problems here, there's something wrong with the map in that area and it shouldnt have been used as a control point (Confirmed by Anders Buhré who revistied the terrain, the mapping is bad).
Then parallelll error on the 6th: thought I went up the hill just south of the control but was in fact 100m to the SW
Nice and interesting terrain!
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WOC O'Festival E5 H50 (19/08/2011)