WOC O'Festival E6 H50 (20/08/2011)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Montagne de Lachat
Organiser: WOC
Country: FR
Distance: 3.44 km
Time: 39:58
Very difficult terrain, but good visibilty, ok to run neraly everywhere. Have to go back here..
1.5 min on first control, was looking for that path south of control but went up too early. 4minutes on 6th control, started with bad direction from 5th and saw a knoll but and then passed the steep, but was in fact 50 m to the left - took a while to sort out...
3.2 km +160mm
40min (32min)
15th of 150
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WOC O'Festival E6 H50 (20/08/2011)