Chall Paca 9 (25/09/2011)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Bargemon
Organiser: cdco83
Country: FR
Distance: 6.3 km
Time: 54:13
Average HR: 158
Maximum HR: 173
54.17 min on 4.6 km 165m :-(
S-1: bad route choice, the trails south of the redline are 1:30 min faster
2: approach 1:30
4th: the big mistake, the mapping was not fantactic and the vegetation very dense bad but the control was nearly where it should be and not where I was searching. 6 minutes :-(( Again, the attackpoint was not 100% clear which is critical for a lottery control like this.
5: 45 sec again not carefull approach + a fuzzy map sost 45 sec
Summary : more than 10 minutes mistakes in total, at least 8 min are my own mistakes SKÄRPNING!
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Chall Paca 9 (25/09/2011)