French championship MTB-O H50 (22/10/2011)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lac Blanc (Alsace)
Organiser: Colmar
Country: FR
Discipline: Long distance
Distance: 19.19 km
Time: 88:39
Average HR: 164
Maximum HR: 178
A good race, only one route choice which I'm not sure about is 1->2: probably faster to go on the road east of 1st control (and not the west one as I did).
13100m 1:28:50 (GPS 19 km +630m)
A 3:rd place and a bronze medal !

Heart Rate
Avg HR: 88 % of Max
Max HR: 96 % of Max (ouch!)

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French championship MTB-O H50 (22/10/2011)