French championship MTB-O Relay (23/10/2011)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lac Blanc (Alsace)
Organiser: Colmar
Country: FR
Discipline: Relay H17 Open
Leg: 2nd
Distance: 13.15 km
Time: 75:41
Average HR: 149
Maximum HR: 167
A flat tyre on the downhill singletrack after 5th control ruined the race. Stopped several times 5-8th to pump , finally had to change innertube at the spectator control. 5 minutes to change, 2 min pumping and very slow riding on flat tyre 3 min . I won 20 sec on the DH single (it was fun though) but lost more than 10 min. Lesson learned: rock hard tyres, 3 bars minimum!
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French championship MTB-O Relay (23/10/2011)