3 jours de Provence E2 H50 (01/11/2011)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Avignon
Country: FR
Discipline: Long sprint
Distance: 5.54 km
Time: 27:48
Average HR: 166
Maximum HR: 175
Fun, fun, FUN! A great race in great town, only a 25 sec 'mistake' when I couldnt find the 3rd control.... a group of kids were sitting on it :-)
Then maybe a couple of 5-10 sec stop/hesitations but less than one minute totally. The rest is about physical capabilities...
27:46 on 3.5 km (GPS: 5.4km, 88% av. heart rate)
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3 jours de Provence E2 H50 (01/11/2011)