Final PACA 2011 (20/11/2011)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ste Baume
Organiser: Poles
Country: FR
Discipline: Realy
Leg: 1
Distance: 4.57 km
Time: 27:22
27:20 3.4 km but not a good race.
From the start I decided to go under the power line which turned out to be a bad decision, it was *dark* green and had too go south in a loop to avoid it. Immediately 20 sec behind the first runners they took the the trail north:-(
At the 5th control I caught up the first runners again but obvisouly running too fast and made 1:20 sec mistake on that very easy 6th control.
Increasing the speed to catch up (BAD...) and halfway to the 7th I took the wrong trail and yet another 1;15 sec.
The 10 th control I passed without seeing the big trail, another 1:20.
Luckely the other guys had some problems with 11-12-13 so I had the possibity to catch up some of the lost time..
Totally 4:15 sec mistakes on a 27 min race, not so good.
A very nice area with good runnability, tha map is ok:ish (but dono what those brown "sausages" near 15 is?)
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Final PACA 2011 (20/11/2011)