"La83"- training (03/12/2011)
Category: Training
Map/area: Plaines des Maures
Organiser: Jens Ellen
Country: FR
Discipline: Controlpicking
Distance: 8.6 km
Time: 90:14
"La83" from last year, we didn't run at the time so this is the first time. "La83" is a "long-distance-control-picking" race: 20km and 83 controls (woow)!.
Today we did the short version, 6.5km but without control flags. The map is good, the terrain is really nice and runnability is mostly very good.
We took three controls each in turn, and then alternated.
I did a big mistake on control 62 when I stopped far too early.
Ellen then did a mistake on 65 were she deviated to the east and we actually never found the control point.
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"La83"- training (03/12/2011)