Matthieu forbidden games + sprint (10/01/2012)
Category: Training
Map/area: Plaines des Maures
Organiser: Jens & Anders
Country: FR
Distance: 1.54 km
Time: 15:29
Average HR: 130
Maximum HR: 155
No flags, brown/blue print only map plus halfway a 1km sprint on 1/4000 (bottom , scroll down).
After a really bad start (we started 75 m far to the west...:) it went better. More mistakes on the sprint half-way but ok:ish.
Blue sky and 14 degrees, no wind => sun&fun!
All in all a a very good and interesting training! The relief is 2.5 m (I think) but is quite accurate. The map is actually easier to read without the yellow and green (dots).
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Matthieu forbidden games + sprint (10/01/2012) Matthieu forbidden games + sprint (10/01/2012)