Ski Orienteering (11/02/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Caille
Organiser: Mougins
Country: FR
Discipline: Free order
Distance: 11 km
Time: 74:58
my first ski orienteering! Free-order max time 1h15, I had 1h14. Didn't do 13, 4 and 9, mainly due to previous mistakes :
18 (went past 100m and had to turn back),
north of 16 there was a new track which I took and had to turn back,
19 to 17, huge problems getting through the forest in deep snow
8-13 took the wrong track and had to skip 13
But all in all not too bad as ski-O premiere.
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Ski Orienteering (11/02/2012) Ski Orienteering (11/02/2012)