Countour/window (no flags) (25/03/2012)
Category: Training
Map/area: Plaines des Maures
Country: FR
Distance: 5.49 km
Time: 50:59
Average HR: 133
Maximum HR: 151
S-1: concentrated (lesson learned from first exercise)
1-2: paralell error halfways, thinking I was on the red line I was actually in a northern gully. Managed to sort out and skipped 2
3-4--5: concentrated, good.
6: paralell error, wrong gully
7: hesitating not sure I was right
8-9-10: ok
11: deviated and stoppped to early :-(
12-16: focused, good
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Countour/window (no flags) (25/03/2012) Countour/window (no flags) (25/03/2012)