Provence championship (15/04/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Castillon / Marseille
Organiser: Marco
Country: FR
Discipline: Long
Distance: 9 km
Time: 63:12
Average HR: 170
Maximum HR: 202
Fairly easy orienteering, a lot of trail running but sometimes difficult to find the control flags in the bush. Many small errors:
2: 30 sec:
4: bad direction in the bushes 1m15s
6: 1m15s started to search one plateau to low
6-7: very bad route choice, should have gone around the hill to the south east. I recon I lost 1 minute here, but in fact I lost more later on as I was totally exhausted after the clmb
9: 1m30s bushes & thorns visibilty 5m, bit of a chance control I had no luck..
Totally 5m30sec
2nd place in H50
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Provence championship (15/04/2012) Provence championship (15/04/2012)