Pose-pursuit (28/04/2012)
Category: Training
Map/area: Vilhosc
Organiser: Tam
Country: FR
Discipline: Interval training in group
Distance: 5.55 km
Time: 65:07
Average HR: 158
Maximum HR: 170
Group of 6 runners: the first runner put out stripes. As oldie I started first 3m min after the setter, the other runners ½-1min intervals.
Leg 1: good flow, no errors finished just after setter.
Leg 2: 2 minutes on 6th, I thought I was going under the red line. A couple of runners passed me.
Leg 3: wrong gully to 11, then PM on 12 :-(
Leg 4: getting very tired.. PM 16 & 17
A great training, pressure as if it was a competition. This training should probably be the first excercise of the day (we had 1½ hour running in the morning)
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Pose-pursuit (28/04/2012) Pose-pursuit (28/04/2012)