MTB-O (29/04/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: La Croix de Malte
Organiser: TSN
Country: FR
Discipline: MTB orienteering
Distance: 22.12 km
Time: 112:02
Average HR: 139
Maximum HR: 160
Not optimal preparations, tired legs after 2 days training in Greoliere and Sisteron.
1-2: much faster to make a U-turn at 1 and go back (2-4 min)
4-5: interesting route choice, still not sure which is the best north or south
5-6: the 5th control slightly misplaced (75 m to the east according to the GPS) so passed the trail to the right without seeeing it. Should have turned back but decided to continue . The mapping north-east of 6th is fuzzy - we were a big group of runners in the forbidden area (we followed the fence...) -> 10 minutes !
8-9 initially planned to go on the the road but was told it was forbidden. Then took a very bad trail along the road but should have gone the more straigh on. 3 min
10 very fuzzy mapping, huge muddy open area south of 10 buit the map is white :-o
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MTB-O (29/04/2012) MTB-O (29/04/2012)