Chall Paca MTB-O (13/05/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Le Grand Gaudin - Mazaugues
Country: FR
Distance: 19.43 km
Time: 104:15
Average HR: 141
Maximum HR: 160
A very bad race..
ok to 4th control which I took the wrong route plus I passed it: 3.5 min
4-5: huge problems to find the the small path 1km west of 4 (poor mapping) had to carry the bike etc: 3min
6: BIG problems: at the 6th control I was unable to see the start of the little path to 7 (the red circle hides it upper part of the circle). So for what I could see one had to continue 100m to the west form 6 and then take left. However that path didn't really exist. First there was a 2 m cliff to overcome - with the bike - to get down to the stream, then I had to carry the bike up the stream :-( Again never saw the start of the path so started to climb back to 5 (100m uphill). Changed my mind and was close to give up when I saw the start of the path. 10½ min After that ZERO motivation so there were a couple of more mistakes towards the finish e.g. 11
Totally 20+ minutes.
Chance ruled far to much in my opinion, too bad otherwise it was a nice terrain.
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Chall Paca MTB-O (13/05/2012) Chall Paca MTB-O (13/05/2012)