WE Haut Jura E2 H50 (28/05/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Morbier - Les Marais
Organiser: O'Jura
Country: FR
Discipline: MD
Distance: 5.59 km
Time: 40:05
Average HR: 163
Maximum HR: 175
Excellent start of the race, on the first 7 difficult controls virtually no mistakes at all and keeping up a good pace.
Then tempo change easy 8, no probs. First mistake on 9th, going too far south: 35 sec
10-11 ok then another 30 sec on 12th and 13th respectivly. Obviously I'm running way too fast and over my capacity and the alarm clocks should be ringing by now... but no, on the 14th I do a incrediably stupid mistake on one of the easiest control on the course. More than 3 min lost here :-((
Totally 4.5 min boom
Excellent map, course setting and terrain!
4th position in E1+E2
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WE Haut Jura E2 H50 (28/05/2012) WE Haut Jura E2 H50 (28/05/2012)