Nationale Sud-Ouest (24/06/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Etang de Lers (Pyrénées)
Organiser: cdco31
Country: FR
Discipline: LD
Distance: 5.98 km
Time: 79:03
Average HR: 147
Maximum HR: 168
Fantastic nature and terrain, extremly technical (maybe even more difficult than La Feclaz) and very difficult to run. It is actually not as open as one may think, visibilty usually limited either by micro reliif and/or bushes trees. Unfortunately I did a very poor race. From control 1 -6 I lost a lot of time (19 min!) This huge time loss was caused by poor map contact: once lost it is extremly difficult to get back on track.
1st: control 1 min. stopped 50 m before the control, Ellen helped me ...
1-2: 4 min again stopped way too early, a parallell error with the cliffs
4-5: mega lost halfway, the plan was to head for the open area but I never saw it so I kept on going in the compass direction. 5 min lost while I tried to figure out where I was, another 3 min lost on the poor route choice (much faster to run on the open area)
6-7: huge error again, followed a group of runners down the hill (very rocky and slippery so no map reading ...) very bad had too climb up some 50 meter again. 6 min!
All in all 19 min lost on this race :-(
but it was for sure an extraordinary experience

Elevation Gain: 236 m
Elevation Loss: 467 m
Min Elevation: 1.272 m
Max Elevation: 1.574 m
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Nationale Sud-Ouest (24/06/2012) Nationale Sud-Ouest (24/06/2012)