Chall Savoie (26/08/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: La Féclaz
Organiser: Echo7305
Country: FR
Discipline: MD+
Distance: 6.66 km
Time: 57:56
A pleasure to run in this nice terrain and a great map. Unfortunately the best area was closed for hunting.
Very dense forest and partly cloudy so sometimes really difficult to spot the small 15cm flags.
4th: 3 min
5th: 1min
11th: 3min (passed several times without seeing it)

Then the 2 interesting route choices:
5-6: maybe(probably!) faster to go far west on trails between 9 & 10?
8-9: teher's the option to red line , not sure what is the best
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Chall Savoie (26/08/2012) Chall Savoie (26/08/2012)