Chall Paca (30/09/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Bargemon
Discipline: ChallPaca = "Long middle"
Distance: 8.75 km
Time: 81:59
Mostly nice provencal oak forest, runability not so good in general. The map is a bit outdated (I think it was made for raid/trial-O and not "detailed orienteering") The area around 3-4-5-6 & 18 should really be avoided (thorn forest).

1. bad start 1 min route choice (better to go over the open field) , not enough focused whan I approach the control and never saw it even if I was only a few meters from it. 2m20s

4-5 not far from giving up in the thorns and skipping 5th and 6th but I bit the bullet and continued 2 min

11. came to a vegetation limit, kind of open area but was actually 50 m below the control. Went back to the trail to take a new atackpoint. Thorns/bad area low motivation.

The remining was ok. Good course setting (except for 4-5..)

Elevation Gain: 308 m
Elevation Loss: 329 m
Min Elevation: 593 m
Max Elevation: 764 m
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Chall Paca (30/09/2012) Chall Paca (30/09/2012)