Chall Paca Mougins (14/10/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Le Carton
Organiser: VSAO & Mougins School
Country: FR
Discipline: LD
Distance: 9.23 km
Time: 70:35
The starting point was not at the triangle so had some problems to get into the map, lost 20s to the first control.
6-7: couldn't find the start of the trail halfways +30s, then failed to find the control immidetely (dense foreest) +20s
11-12: couldn't find the start of trail in the green, +50s
13: +20s wrong tree..
14 +30s inattention
leading from control 3 to 15 (45 min), then loses momentum

BTW the brown on the map is not mud, it's blood.... the forest is full of Mediterranean asparagus (very thorny species).

Avg Moving Pace: 7:34 min/km
Avg O-Pace: 70min/6,6km =10,6min/km
Elevation Gain: 322 m
Elevation Loss: 291 m

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Chall Paca Mougins (14/10/2012) Chall Paca Mougins (14/10/2012)