Challenge PACA (18/11/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Les Ocres de Mormoiron (french Colorado)
Country: FR
Discipline: Long dist
Distance: 7.62 km
Time: 55:32
The last individual foot O this year in a very interesting terrain. The goal was to run at maximum speed and take some chances. A normal race in this type of terrain would be at 85-90% of max, I think I was more at 90-92% today.
1 and 2 - a perfect start!
3. full speed to the control area, it starts getting tricky 100m before the control: ochre cliffs and trails everywhere. Loosing map contact, finding several controls, 5 minutes of wandering around. Arghh!
4. 15 sec
5. 1.5 min bad direction not sure if I was to the east or the west of the control...
5-6: the plan was to go left/north on the path, running at max with limited map contact.. but was lucky
6-7-8: good
9: poor direction and drifting to the right 45 sec
10: easy, but the flag is wrong?
10-11: no plan, coming to the big hole and decides to run around. Probably faster to across the hole and follow the east edge of the vineyard: 30 sec
11-12: ok
13: strange control, strange map 20 sec
14: instead of turing to the right at the end of the ravine, it is probably better to continue another 150 m then cross the road at the ruin and follow the vineyard to the control. I had to run around: 15 sec
15: reading from 18 instead of 14: 15 sec.
16: 40 sec

Summary: I did more than 10 minutes mistakes, I reckon I would normally lose 2 minutes at a normal pace. Need to work on adapting the speed, today I just ran at full speed all the time, which clearly wasn't agood idea. Like control 3, I saw and knew it could be tricky so if I had slowed down100m before the control I would have lost 15 sec and won 5 minutes.
Photos from the area:
The ravine between 13 and 14 :
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Challenge PACA (18/11/2012) Challenge PACA (18/11/2012)