Challenge PACA Final (relay) (02/12/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: St Remy de Provence
Organiser: Chat'O
Country: FR
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 3 of 3
Distance: 4.13 km
Time: 26:04
1: stuck in thorns & shrubs leaving control 1, turned back 10 sec
2-3 tried to avoid the private terrain just before control 3 but looks like I failed (impossible to see what was private anyway) hesitation 15 sec.
5: bad direction due to low branches 15 sec.
6-12: good speed and no errors
13 should have attacked the control from east and not from the corner of the field, dense vegetation with thorns, lost 20 sec.
16-finish: good
Team finished on 3rd place, great!

Avg Pace: 6:20 min/km
Avg O-Pace: 7:30 min/km
Team: 3rd place of 24
Individual: 3rd place of ~70
3:36 behind fastest

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Challenge PACA Final (relay) (02/12/2012) Challenge PACA Final (relay) (02/12/2012)