Vineyard MTB-O 1/2 (16/12/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: la Gordonne - la Crau
Organiser: Poles
Country: FR
Discipline: Sprint 2 stages
Distance: 10.3 km
Time: 52:57
One of the most interesting MTB-O races I've done. Unfortunately resent heavy rain transformed the vineyard into a "mud-yard", so time-wise and physically it was more of a middle distance than a sprint.
I did solid race but wasn't feeling too well so I didn't push it. Maybe that wasn't a bad strategy after all because I had the fastest time even if the other guys must have pedaled much faster.
The printed map had a magnified map (1:5000) of the area around the first five controls.
In the afternoon the second stage was a chase start, which I didn't finish.
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Vineyard MTB-O 1/2 (16/12/2012) Vineyard MTB-O 1/2 (16/12/2012)