Provence Night champs - part1 (19/01/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Le Caramy
Organiser: Poles
Country: FR
Discipline: Night
Distance: 5.34 km
Time: 47:41
7.3 km 36 controles, heavy rain and wind It would have been a quite tricky orienteering course in day light & dry conditions. Main problem was those foggy glasses, I tried to wipe them regularly but wasn't very succesful. Anyway I finished the course although with plenty of big mistakes.
part 1 of 2:
2: 1:30
3: 3:30 very difficult to find in a rock-hole
8: 5:30 a bit of unluck, I must have passed a few meters from it first time
Mistakes on first part: 10min 30 sec
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Provence Night champs - part1 (19/01/2013) Provence Night champs - part1 (19/01/2013)