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proServX extends the functionality of the proServ KNX remote controller.

proServ products


Products line: ProKNX, ProServ (Android/Ipad access!) regulators, sensors, weather stations and more. knx-shop productsline

ProServ The worlds first controller that permits to configure the User Interface for iOS or Android devices with ETS. knx-shop proserv

ProKNX Gateways to connect RTI or bitwise controls to the KNX bus knx-shop proknx

Accessories: Preconfigured WiFi and VPN router, 24 VDC power supply knx-shop accessories

Weather Stations for KNX, with wind sensor, precipitation sensor, sun sensor, outdoor temperature sensor, GPS receiver. knx-shop weatherstation

Power Supplies for KNX, output current max. 640 mA. With display, key pad and additional 24VDC supply. (IP Router optionally included) knx-shop powersupply

Sensors for temperature, CO2, humidity, level meter, distance, wind, rain, global irradiance, volatile organic compounds (VOC). knx-shop sensor

Regulators for temperature, humidity, CO2, ventilation knx-shop regulator

Touch screen that are completely configured with ETS software. No need for an additional editor or ETS plug-in. knx-shop touchscreen